Author feature – Why I wrote Saudi Arabia Undercover by Harper Walsh

We are delighted to be publishing Saudi Arabia Undercover this month! It is a fascinating read that will amaze and also astound you at times. There are definitely a few laugh out loud moments as well as shocking revelations. It is a brilliant read. Harper Walsh, author of the book has kindly written a piece below on why he wrote the book.

Why I wrote the book Saudi Arabia Undercover

By Harper Walsh.

It was always talked about how a TV show should be made about our lives in Saudi Arabia. There was just so much material of never imaginable situations and craziness that would be ever ongoing that everyone constantly said this should be on TV.  The amount of first hand stories I had from my time there was endless. When telling friends of these stories that didn’t live there they often would say “you should write a
Saudi Arabia Undercover by Harper Walsh
Saudi Arabia Undercover by Harper Walsh
book”. Eventually when I had time to organize and write the book I listed out all the crazy stories I remembered and then put them into sequential order. There are a lot of misconceptions about the Saudis and the country.  People are not driving around in Bentley’s and dripping in diamonds and jewellery.  Many things are subsidized by the Royal family but there are dilapidated neighbourhoods and the country is rife with some of the worst education systems I have ever seen in my 12 years of living abroad. The things that go on inside that country with not only the expats but the locals have only had limited exposure or writings.  I think people should know what goes on there.  They still publically behead people, crucify them after beheading bodies.  Human rights abuses plague the country and most of the western super power countries are in bed with them happily.  The book is not a geopolitical expose by any means.  Its a humorous account of what it is like to live in Saudi Arabia while regularly intoxicated and attempting to not be arrested. Even if a reader has a predisposition against Saudisor Saudi Arabia, they will still enjoy the book.  You get a first hand account of witnessing “exorcisms” in Saudi, people over-dosing at airports, pork smuggling, illegal booze operations, the rife and ever-present homosexual scene, horrible security measures or their lack of in airports and general crazy gonzo misadventures.   Saudi Arabia Undercover by Harper Walsh.