Author Nuril Basri’s visit to the UK – Event info!

Indonesian author, Nuril Basri will be visiting the UK in September.
Indonesian author, Nuril Basri will be visiting the UK in September.
We are delighted that the British Council, as part of their working with the London Book Fair has provided Monsoon Books with a grant to bring author of Not a Virgin, Nuril Basri to the UK this month! He will be staying in the UK for a week and during his time here, attending events in London and Norwich Thursday 26 September National Centre for Writing, Dragon Hall, Norwich 7.30 – 8.30pm As part of Banned Books Week, this event will explore the restrictions facing authors in Indonesia. Nuril Basri writes on the fringe of society about subjects deemed controversial in his country. Although he hasn’t had a book banned, it is difficult to get controversial work published and authors often find themselves self-censoring. Nuril writes novels with LGBT themes in an increasingly fundamentalist Islamic country. He will be joined on stage by Monsoon’s publisher, Philip Tatham. £5 entry includes a glass of wine. For tickets, please click here.   27th September – London: Dr Ben Murtagh,Head of the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics at SOAS University of London will be hosting a talk with both authors. Time and location to be announced in the coming weeks. Open to all. About Nuril Basri
Not a Virgin by Nuril Basri
Not a Virgin is the latest book by Nuril Basri which is published by Monsoon Books.
Nuril Basri was born in a village in Tangerang in western Java, now in the province of Banten, in 1985. A graduate of the Islamic State University in Jakarta (Universitas Islam Negeri – Jakarta), Nuril has worked in a variety of positions over the years: internet café manager, secretary to a police attaché, private language tutor, mini-market cashier, and waiter on a cruise ship. His previously published works include: Halo, Aku Dalam Novel (Jakarta: GagasMedia, 2009); Romantis (Kuala Lumpur: Buku Fixi, 2015) which was published in Indonesia under the title My Favorite Goodbye (Jakarta: GagasMedia, 2015); Enak (Kuala Lumpur: Buku Fixi, 2016); and an earlier version of Not a Virgin, published under the title Dosa (Kuala Lumpur: Buku Fixi, 2012). Additionally, Nuril has authored three short comedic works – Bagai Jablay Kena Kamtib (2007), Banci Kalap (2008), Masuka Masukin Aja (2008) – and one horror tale, Terowongan Rumah Sakit (2008), all published by GagasMedia of Jakarta.