Bandit Saints of Java – high praise from the Asian Review of Books!

Bandit Saints of Java by George Quinn
Bandit Saints of Java by George Quinn
“A brilliant book—one of the most engaging, memorable and genuinely insightful works on Indonesia published in recent years: a perfect model for what popular scholarship can achieve in terms of accessibility. It deserves a wide readership.” Tim Hannigan, Asian Review of Books
We are so pleased that the Asian Review of Books recently reviewed George Quinn’s, Bandit Saints of Java. They gave a stunning review. Please do go and have a read by clicking here. This review will be added to the glowing review from The Jakarta Post:
“This is the most entertaining book in English on the mystery and magic, the “batik-like pattern of contradictions” of this nation since Elizabeth Pisani’s Indonesia” The Jakarta Post
As well as the Bali Advertiser:
“…paints an astonishing portrait of Islam as it’s actually practiced today by many of Java’s 130 million people. The author is a superb, witty and entertaining writer.” Bali Advertiser