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ESCAPE by David McMillan
ESCAPE by David McMillan

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One of Monsoon’s bestsellers, the book is the notorious tale of the author’s escape from Klong Prem prison in Thailand.

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On publication, the book caused a stir throughout the world’s media and has continued to be the standout star from Monsoon. Recently author McMillan fought and won an extradition case to be sent back to Thailand. He is currently a free man.

About the book

Klong Prem prison, Thailand. The “Bangkok Hilton”, where 600 foreigners among the 12,000 inmates of this walled prison city also wait and rot. Among the tragic, ruthless and forgotten, one man resolves to do what no other has done: escape. This is the true story of drug smuggler David McMillan’s perilous break-out from Asia’s most notorious prison.

From his arrest at Don Muang airport, to awaiting trial inside Klong Prem, he provides an insight into the lives of the British, Australian, American and other Western prisoners as they are destroyed by disease, neglect and despair. Death is their only way out. Two weeks before a near-certain death sentence McMillan escaped, never to be seen in Thailand again.

Praise for Escape on release:

  • “Once McMillan puts his daring plan into place, the action rips along like a thriller . . . breathtaking stuff” News of the World, UK
  • “This is one of the world’s most notorious—and remarkable—heroin traffickers: Melbourne man David McMillan. Despite still being on the run, McMillan has written a book, Escape, about … his amazing breakout in Bangkok” The Australian
  • “The jailbreak was straight out of a movie” The Age, Australia
  • “The book is exceptionally well written … Escape begs to be made into a movie” Pattaya Mail, Thailand
  • “Reads better than any thriller” Stephen Leather, bestselling author of Private DancerSoft Target and Cold Kill  
  • “Drug trafficker David McMillan … spent two years plotting his escape from a Bangkok jail” BBC
  • “Inmates at HMP Erlestoke near Devizes, Wilts [UK], can borrow books from a catalogue including Escape by David McMillan, which describes how he broke out of Thailand’s ‘Bangkok Hilton’ prison” The Telegraph, UK
  • “In the style of Howard Marks—the international drug dealer who became a best-selling author—McMillan is touting a book about his prison escapades.  The book, entitled Escape, is selling well in Asia” London Evening Standard, UK
  • “David McMIllan is better known as ‘the only Westerner to have escaped the notorious Bangkok Hilton’ … his story, Escape, has been selling well throughout Southeast Asia” The Nation, Thailand