Monsoon and The Book Fairies…

"Cigarette Girl" by Ratih Kumala

Recently Monsoon has been collaborating with the wonderful organisation, The Book Fairies. Recently launched in Singapore, the “fairies”¬†hide books in public spaces for anyone to pick up and enjoy. A global movement, there are fairies active in over 46 countries at the moment and more are being created. One of their most famous fairies is the actress and UN spokeswoman, Emma Watson.

Monsoon gave the Singapore Book Fairy a selection of our titles that we are really passionate about. We love the idea that books can be hidden in plain sight and that it is a new way to discover a great book. Knowing that each book is beautifully packaged with a little note inside and wrapped with ribbon. We can’t think of a better way to discover a new read.

The Book Fairies have started to distribute our books across Singapore in some amazing locations. You can find out more about the Singapore Book Fairies here and don’t forget to follow their progress on Instagram @bookfairies_singapore.

Thank you to Instagram @bookfairies_singapore and Singapore Moments (Twitter @SINMoments) for the information and photos.