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Monsoon Books Ltd is a UK-registered award-winning independent publisher of English-language books and ebooks on Asia, established in Singapore in 2002 and incorporated in the UK in 2016. Monsoon Books publishes fiction (literary and commercial) and nonfiction (biography and autobiography, true crime, food and drink, history, travelogues and current affairs) with Asian themes under the ‘monsoon’ and ‘Dollarbird’ imprints (visit the Dollarbird website). It publishes quality books from outstanding writers the world over and has several regional bestsellers to its name.

Monsoon’s titles have been translated into various languages and have been adapted for TV.

Monsoon Books exhibits at major international book fairs; to arrange an appointment to meet a representative of Monsoon Books at London or Frankfurt, please email the publisher.

Monsoon Books offers an exciting, innovative and distinctive alternative to commercial publishing; its mission is to be unique—to find new talent and put publishing in Asia at the heart of the literary world.

Monsoon Books is a member of the Independent Publishers Guild.

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Built in 1906, Burrough Court was a grand country house used as a hunting lodge for the gentry and royal family, and it was here that King Edward VIII first met American socialite Wallis Simpson, whom he later gave up the throne for. The estate belonged to Lord Furness, who developed a deep love for Africa and kept a zebra and giraffe on the grounds. The zebra was ridden regularly in the paddock by Lady Furness; the giraffe was less obliging. Lord Furness housed his private aeroplane on the estate and it was this aeroplane that was commissioned by Prime Minister Chamberlain, a familiar visitor to the house, to transport him on his historic trip to meet with Adolf Hitler. The main house survived the war but was destroyed in a fire shortly afterwards when, as the story goes, a band of enthusiastic Canadian soldiers accidentally burned the house down while attempting to blow up the sealed entrance to the estate’s wine cellar.


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