Writing Indonesian History

Register for a Zoom lecture on “Writing Indonesian History: Fact and Fiction” by Prof. Anthony Reid of ANU at bit.ly/Guest-LectureS3 (Thursday 20 Aug, 1pm WIB, 2pm Singapore, 4pm AEST, 6am GMT) 

Monsoon Books has yet to hear back from the Indonesian organizers but we believe the original Indonesian flyer should have read Thursday 20 Aug, not Tuesday 20 Aug (so we have edited their flyer accordingly). Please try the following login credentials if you don’t hear directly from the Indonesian organizers:
Meeting ID: 965 8813 8717, Passcode: 676947 Or click on the following link to join: https://undip-ac-id.zoom.us/j/96588138717?pwd=dU9SSksrQlFSY2NHM1Z0eUZHQzcvQT09